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A world of her own

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A podcast project as part of Unfinished Business; Perspectives on art and feminism at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2017. 

With a nod to Virginia Woolf’s essay ‘A room of one’s own’ from 1929, Tai Snaith has conducted a series of conversations with established women and non-binary gender diverse artists whom she admires. Recorded in her bedroom, these relaxed, colloquial exchanges between generations explore shifts and similarities that women artists face in their lives and artistic practices. Notions such as self doubt, control, meaning, shame, risk, motherhood and radicalism are some of the rich topics covered. The work is part of an ongoing project which sees Snaith documenting these sessions as a springboard or starting point for further studio-based work.

Interviewees include:

Maree Clarke, Maude Davey, Tonié Field, Diena Georgetti, Katherine Hattam, Lou Hubbard, Chaco Kato, Claire Lambe, Shelley Lasica, Patricia Piccinini, Sally Smart, Jenny Watson.

Photograph by Theresa Harrison (featuring artist Lou Hubbard)

Audio post production by Bec Fary

Intro song by Phia.